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Town Highway

The Lima Town Highway Department serves the community by providing road maintenance and plowing, signage for Town roads, drainage ditch maintenance, tree and brush cutting within the Town’s right-of-way and water service in the Town’s established water districts.  The department is managed by the Highway Superintendent who is elected for a four year term.   The Highway Superintendent and four crew members maintain 38.69 miles of Town roads and provide road services for Livingston County and New York State under contractual arrangements.


Highway Department Personnel


John Sokolofsky, Superintendent

Colton Gilbert

Ken East

Sean Parslow

Ben Martin


Agreement to Spend Town Highway Funds (PDF)

posted February 7, 2024

2023 Road Work Schedule:


Clay street from 5 and 20 to Chase Road

  • Chip Seal AKA oil and stone


York street from Martin Road to the town and HF village line:

  • Cold Recycle Paving


Jenks Road between Poplar Hill and Livonia Center.

  • Cut shoulders then True and Leave

Town of Lima Mailbox Policy (PDF)

Town Highway Department 2015 Report (PDF)

Town Highway Department 2014 Report (PDF)



PO Box 27

7334 Dublin Street

Lima, NY 14485  

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