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Town Assessor

Town Assessor - 6 Year Term:

Tami Snyder, Assessor

Term: 2019-2025

TELEPHONE: 585-624-6120



Town Assessor Clerk:

Jill Formella


Mon: 8:30am - 4:00pm

Thurs: 1:00 pm – 4:00pm

*If we are not available please leave a message on answering machine or you may try our Avon office Tues or Wed at 585-226-2425 ext 16 or 17

About the Assessor:

The Town Assessor is appointed by the Town Board for a term of six years.  The Assessor’s responsibilities are specified in New York State Real Property Tax Law and include preparation of the annual assessment role, maintenance of up-to-date property records, reval/update every 4 years, administration of exemptions and administration of the grievance procedure.

Assessment Rolls:

These maybe viewed by clicking on the Tax Assessment Rolls link below : at

Questions regarding assessment rolls please direct to the Assessor’s office.

Important Legal Dates on Assessment Calendar:

 Taxable Status Date:  March 1st

 Tentative Roll filed:     May 1st

 Grievance Date:          4th Tuesday in May (in Lima 4th Thursday in May)

 Final Roll filed:             July 1st

 *All Exemptions Must Be Filed By March 1st

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