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Comprehensive Plan

Town of Lima and Village of Lima Comprehensive Plan

adopted March 2008


The Town and Village of Lima have completed an update to their 1990 Comprehensive Plan to recognize changes in the community, development trends and proposals, and changes in planning and zoning concepts. This update took citizen volunteers more than six years to complete. In the fall of 2007, the Town and Village retained the consulting firm of Stuart I. Brown Associates to assist in preparing the final Comprehensive Plan document.


In this plan, attention was given to: agriculture, Lima's largest industry; to recreation, parks and open space; to the efficient use of community infrastructure; and to business development downtown and elsewhere. Particular attention was paid to the input gathered from the 674 residents who responded to an eight-page survey in 2002, the 1,404 respondents to the survey undertaken in 2006, and comments made at public meetings. The result of these efforts is a Comprehensive Plan that will provide direction to the Town and Village as the community faces development pressures in the near future. 


Click here for Lima Comprehensive Plan (PDF)

Click here for the Maps (PDF)

Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan


Click here for Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan (PDF)

Agricultural Protection Plan

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