Town Elected Officials

Michael J. Falk 

Town Supervisor (2018-2021)

Phone 585-509-1433

Office 585-582-1130

Jon Belec

Councilman (2020-2023)


Leta Button

Councilman (2020-2023)

Phone: 585-507-9261

Bill Carey

Councilman (2018-2021)

Councilman Carey is liaison to the Lima Public Library Board of Directors and the Lima Historical Society Board of Directors.


Bruce Mayer

Councilman (2018-2021)

Councilman Mayer is liaison to the Golden Age Club, Recreation Program and Cemeteries.  He is a member of the Livingston County Traffic Safety Board.

Phone: 585-582-1070


Leta Button

Deputy Supervisor (2020)

2021 Town Board Meeting Dates (PDF)

Town Board Meeting Minutes

Joint Town/Village Board Meeting Minutes