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Board of Ethics Committee

The Town Board of the Town of Lima recognizes that there are rules of ethical conduct for public officers and employees which must be observed if a high degree of moral conduct is to be obtained and if public confidence is to be maintained in our unit of local government.  The Ethics Code of the Town of Lima promulgates rules of ethical conduct for the officers and employees of the Town.  


The Board of Ethics is a five member board, appointed by the Lima Town Board.  The Board of Ethics is empowered to render advisory opinions to help ensure on behalf of the public that governmental decisions are being made solely in the public interest.  Written requests for such opinions may be submitted by any Town official or employee, or by the Town Board. 


Board Of Ethics Members: Must not be more than 3 members of the same political party & 5 year terms



Tom Reynolds (D)

Michael Oklevitch (R)

Kevin Simmons (R)

Anthony Catalano (D)

*Anthony Catalano to fill 6 month vacancy


Board of Ethics Meeting Minutes


(585) 582-2053


(585) 624-5586






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