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Lima Golden Age Club

Lima Golden Age Club


Jim Murphy - President & Treasurer - 208-3981

Trudy Tones- Vice President - 624-1114


Joan Riley - 582-1530


Barb Yorks - 752-2303 


Marilyn Stuart - 755-1329


Susan Menz - 624-5718


Jerry Donaghy - 624-3696


The April 9th meeting was held at Pinehurst in Honeoye Falls,NY. Pork dinner was served. Brownies and ice cream were dessert.

Marilyn Herke led us in prayer.
Jim Murphy read the treasurer's report.
Bev Garling announced that there had been no triad meeting.
Jenny spoke about many upcoming trips. June trips:
There are 10 of them listed on the blue sheets that were handed out.

Jenny mentioned that the food pantry at the former Hemlock school would be held
from 9-11 am on May 19th - the 3rd Friday of the month of May.

Glenn Ceisner told us he always went to the Market in Buffalo and his fond memories
of such a great place. He said that we would all enjoy the kielbasa, etc.

No May anniversaries
May Birthdays:
6th - Jerry Warsaw.                                24th - Ellie Luhowy
12th - Jim Murphy.                                 26th - Ed Milton
18th - Bob Reilly.                                    29th - Jerry Donaghy
20th- Barb Kolstee

50/50 winners were Joanne Magar, Irene Arner, Shirley Murphy, Jerry Warsaw,
Joan Reilly, and Bill Ruth.

The June 11th meeting will be held in Brendan Hall at St Rose.



Lima Golden Age Club Meeting Minutes

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