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Dog Control

All dogs must be registered with the Town Clerk:

 - Spayed/neutered $8/year

 - Unneutered/unsprayed $16 per year  

 - More than 3 dogs requires a kennel license of $25 per year.

  • The only paperwork needed to register a dog is a Veterinarian record that shows the dogs information/owner information and spay/neuter certificate.


  • Village Leash Law requires dogs to be on leashes at all times when off their property. Straying dogs will cost their owners a fine.

To report a problem with dogs in the Village or Town, contact:


Livingston County Animal Control:



To report a problem with wild animals, please contact the New York Department of Environmental Conservation:



(585) 226-5380

6274 E. Avon-Lima Rd.

Avon, NY 14414-9519 


To report a problem with small nuisance animals (not cats) other than dogs, contact this fee-based service provider:


Critter Control

(800) critter (800-274-8837)

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