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posted February 07, 2019

The Town of Lima is seeking to fill a vacancy on the Planning Board.  Please email Supervisor Falk at: by Feb 28th if you are interested.

Hyper-reach Emergency Notification System

posted January 28, 2019


“Hyper-Reach” allows the Emergency Communications Center to quickly send a recorded message to telephones in specific areas and alert residents to any emergency situations that may require immediate action.  More here. 

Town of Lima Board Vacancies

posted January 10, 2019


Town of Lima Board Vacancies: Planning Board, Board of Ethics. If you are interested in a vacancy please email Supervisor Falk at: 

2019 Town of Lima Highway Department 

posted January 9, 2019


Click here for Town of Lima Highway Department 2019 Planned Work (PDF)

Town of Lima Water District Customer

posted November 8, 2018


On November 6th, the Commissioners of the Water Districts approved new water rates. The rates are as follows for Water Districts 1, 2, 3 & 4:

$6.00 per 1000 gallons of water. Plus a Quarterly Charge by meter size. Unit charge is $45. More here (PDF).

Town of Lima Adopted Budget for 2019

posted October 11, 2018


2019 Adopted Town budget (PDF)

Supervisor's Message

posted October 2, 2018


There is a Town of Lima Hearing on Water Rates Oct 2nd, 7pm at the Lima Town Hall. The rate proposals do NOT affect Village of Lima water customers only Town of Lima water customers in Water District 1 (Ideson Rd, Martin Rd, Bragg St), Water District 2 (Rte 15A north of Lima Baptist Church, Rexon St, Slocum Rd, Gale Rd.) and Water District 3 (Martin Rd, York St, Bromley Rd). MJF

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