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Environmental Cleanup Issues

The NYSDOH CEH Bureau of Environmental Exposure Investigation (BEEI) is coordinating with DEC’s Division of Materials Management (DMM) to evaluate the nearly 2,000 inactive landfills in New York State to assess the potential for impacts to drinking water sources from emerging contaminants. DMM is evaluating the area around the Lima Sanitary Landfill, located in Lima, Livingston County, to identify and sample any potentially impacted wells downgradient of the landfill within a 0.25 mile radius from the site.


Please find attached: (1) map that shows the landfill and nearby wells. For this evaluation, DEC has not identified any wells to be sampled in the area of concern. Based on the available information, no public water supply wells have been identified in the area of concern. They are testing for a group of contaminants know as PFAS that have become of concern to public health in recent years.


If there are any known private wells or public water systems that were not identified within the map boundaries, please let me know and I can relay the info.  MJF


Lima SLF Area Receptors (PDF)

Well Water Testing Request

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