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Town and Village of Lima
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Village of Lima
7329 East Main Street
P.O. Box 20A
Lima, NY 14485

Tami Snyder, Assessor
Marilyn Zaludny, Secretary/Clerk

TELEPHONE: 585-624-6120
The Assessor is available in the office on Monday 8:30 am to 3:00 PM until September 15th. Marilyn Zaludny, Clerk Mon, Tues, Thurs 8:00-12:00* (Sept 15- June 1). After September 15th hours will be Monday 8 am to 2:30 pm, Tuesdays 8 am to 12 PM and Thursday 8 am to 12 PM.

The Town Assessor is appointed by the Town Board for a term of six years.  The Assessor’s responsibilities are specified in New York State Real Property Tax Law and include preparation of the annual assessment role, maintenance of up-to-date property records, administration of exemptions and administration of the grievance procedure.

A Message from Tami Snyder, Town Assessor
2015 and 2016 Assessor's Office Report
2014 Assessor's Office Report


1) How much are my taxes?
Taxes are provided by the Town Clerk at (585) 582-1130.  Property and assessment information is available online, from the Livingston County Real Property Tax Services Department, at:

2) Is the assessed value of my property the same as the market value?
The Town of Lima assesses property at 100% of market value.

3) What is taxable assessed value?
Taxable assessed value is total assessed value less any applicable property tax exemptions.

4) How do I file for an exemption?
Property tax exemption applications are due on March 1st each year.  Exemption application forms are available online from the New York State Office of Real Property Services website:

Forms may also be obtained from the Assessor’s Office. The most frequently requested residential and agricultural exemptions and the associated form numbers are:

Agricultural Assessment Application

Agricultural Assessment – Written Lease Affidavit for Rented Land

Renewal Application for Agricultural Assessment

School Tax Relief (STAR) Exemption

Renewal Application for School Tax Relief (STAR) Exemption

Alternative Veterans Exemption

Cold War Veterans Exemption

Partial Tax Exemption for Persons with Disabilities and Limited Income

Partial Tax Exemption for Senior Citizens

5) How do I know if my assessment is right?
It is the responsibility of property owners to monitor their own assessments.  The assessment role, which lists assessed values of all properties in the Town of Lima, is available for review in the Assessor’s Office at Town Hall.

6) How do I challenge my assessment?
Contact the assessor to request a review of your assessment.  If you disagree with the results of this review, you may file a formal grievance with the Board of Assessment Review.  Applications for the BAR are accepted after the tentative assessment role has been filed, May1st.  Grievance Day is held annually, on the 4th Tuesday of May, and is the last day that property owners may file a formal complaint regarding their tentative assessment.
Town of Lima
7329 East Main Street
Lima, NY 14485
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